8 basic rules for effective weight loss

ShiningsNow-fitness-2603-1702Summer is coming, so it’s time to preparing for beach season.

After winter holidays most of us lost our perfect slim shape or just finally decided to start diet “since Monday”.

All we want have perfect shape not only in summer time.

Ideally any diet must makes individually by specialist but it’s cost money and take a lot of time. But not everybody have time or money for specialistic so we looking for alternative way to weight loss.

Usually we looking for diet which will help us lost many weight in short time. Now on internet are so many types of diet but effect most of them is temporary and after some time weight return.

So how lose weight and not afraid that you will return to old shape after finished diet?


Lost weight ones and for long time

In this article you will find rules which help you to make your own diet easier and also will help you to keep your new shape after you finish diet.

ShiningsNow-Dieta-2603-173Some of them you may know, it’s pretty easy rules and if you will use them you’ll see how easy can be weight loss.

1 rule

No product which have  a white flour.

Better no products which was made with using flour  on first week of the diet.

Remove from the diet all flour products, and products that contain any amount of flour. Flour – is the first enemy of effective diet and neat figure. This simple and obvious rule is very difficult to fulfill for those who are too accustomed to a meat product. In this case diet you can eat this bread made without flour, but few (3 pieces per day) and eventually reduce their to completely eliminate from the diet, accustoming themselves saturated with soups, cereals, meat, eggs etc.

ShiningsNow-Dieta-2603-1742 rule

Replaces all sweet fruits.

Excludes from your menu all sweet – all products that contain any sugar. Instead of chocolate bars and eat fruits: apples, bananas, berries, etc. In the early weight loss for those who are accustomed to use sugar every day, stick to this rule would be difficult.

To facilitate the withdrawal of sweets, you can apply the rule “Two steps forward – one back.”

How it works. Example: From Monday to Saturday strictly adheres to a diet and Sunday is a “step back” – allows a small pies of chocolate. This method is a little slowed process of losing weight, but also will make the result more prolonged.

ShiningsNow-Dieta-2603-1753  rule

Fats in normalized dose.

You can add a spoonful of oil in a salad, but nothing fried and exclude any roast. During heating oil loses all useful vitamins and starts be harmful to the body.

If possible, use olive oil. Calorie it have the same as any oils, but there are olive sodium, potassium, calcium and iron.

ShiningsNow-Dieta-2603-1764 rule

Eat porridge, but in small quantities.

Cereal products are very important during limited menu because it is the best source of carbohydrates. A porridge – a carbohydrate that the body metabolizes slowly, which is good in the diet.

But they are very high in calories, so you should not abuse quantities.

Eat them better in the morning to catch them received burn carbohydrates before bedtime.

ShiningsNow-Dieta-2603-1775 rule

Drink a lot of water.

Minimum 1.5 liters per day.

If 10 minutes before meals drink a glass of water – this will slightly reduce appetite and improve digestion. This also works very well if you just eat something but you still hungry. Nutritionists recommend drinking a glass of water, wait 10 minutes and if hunger does not pass, then drink another glass and then wait 10 minutes.

Usually, after such measures desire to eat vanishes.

ShiningsNow-Dieta-2603-1786 rule

Eat often but in small portions.

The best plan is to eat every three hours, but don’t eat 4-5 hours before bedtime. In this mode you lose weight eating with optimum speed.

This is comparable to eat once a day, but with the difference that the famine hardly felt any harm to the digestive system.

ShiningsNow-Dieta-2603-17917 rule

Say “No mono diet!”.

Mono diet it’s a diet in which  used one or two types of products.

For example, eat one rice, some apples, buckwheat and kefir, etc. These diets promise significant weight loss in a short time. And it’s true. The problem is that the lost weight back very quickly once restored the usual way of food. Because of the varied diet  is advantageous in the long run. And stick it easier and safer because any regime change food intake – is stressful for the body.

ShiningsNow-fitness-2603-178 rule

Systematic exercise.

There is no diet which will work good without sport, so it’s time to start exercise. Cardio is the best exercise for fast weight loss. Sign up for the gym or running in the park. If you don’t have time to go to the gym, do exercises at home, you can run it 15 minutes a day. Now you can find many complex playlists on YouTube. Look for those exercises that you like and enjoy, work and watch as your body tightens and gaining strength.

If you live in multi-storey building stop using the lift – start walking stairs. Using public transportation, get off a stop early and walk on foot. Maybe you like cycling or walking park.

Do all what need any moves from  you.

This is the best and the easiest rules for any diet. Use it and you’ll notice how healthy and slim you become.

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